Imagine a world where nothing went to waste; that was the thought behind our brand. Everything on this earth can be 'BRKN' down and molded into something new. Instead of contributing to the mass pollution in the world, we wanted to alter something that already existed


We are taking discarded plastics which have already served their purpose and altering them into something exquisite. 




We at BRKN Image are driven to reduce society's carbon footprint, while creating a quality product that will look as amazing, as making a difference feels. 



All our products are made from recycled plastic; more specifically, milk jugs!
To explain how the process works, we’ll start from the beginning. First, the milk jugs are
sorted at the recycling district in Los Angeles, CA. Once a few hundred jugs are collected, they go
off to our factory where they are then melted down. The plastic is heated to 212°F where it
then becomes a liquid. After which, it is mixed with dyes to the desirable color. While still in
its liquid state, it is put through a machine, which stretches it out to dry into a fine string of
plastic. Once this process is complete we are only a few steps away from having something
that can be worn.
The final step is to transform the string into a fabric. First the plastic string is mixed with a
spandex micro-fiber to give it its stretchy feel. The pliable material is then wound into 6x55
yardage and taken back to our office in Carlsbad, where it’s cut and sewn by hand. The
finished product is an all recycled Reversible BRKN bikini; even the zippers we use are made
of recycled materials.

Elegant, Comfortable and Repurposed

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it